Newton Lilavois
Chief Creator
Dream Fury Comics

About Dream Fury

I probably share a similar childhood story with many other independent comic creators. When I was a child I loved comic books. I loved them so much that I started making my own. I would draw them and then sell them to the other kids in class. I even struck a deal with a classmate of mine who would photocopy my comics for a share in the profits.

Soon after, I discovered my other passion - computer programming. Fast forward many many moons later and I'm a web developer. I do something that I've been passionate about since I was eleven years old. But I never lost the other passion for wanting to create fantastic stories about super people. For years I collected stories in my head but never acted on them. Until now.

Dream Fury is about me going after that other passion and dream that never left me. I'm taking this journey as a totally inexperienced independent comic creator and sharing all the highs and lows with whoever wants to follow. If this sounds fun and exciting to you, welcome aboard.


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